Why Write? ?>

Why Write?

Last August 17, I had an opportunity to speak before the Egalitarian staff, the official school paper of Don Bosco Technical College at the Mandaluyong campus.

It was my first time to speak before students on the subject of journalism since 2001, when I talked about sports journalism at the University of Santo Tomas’ Annual Inkblots.

Rdy-Ega 1I’ve never taught journalism in class, but every time I talk about writing among students who are eager to learn, I get a “high”, mainly because of the opportunity I have to impart something that I’ve learned to develop through the years as a journalist.

We covered three basic journalism topics during my three-hour talk: news writing, sports writing and feature writing.

While there were no journalism students in the 25 or so Egalitarian staff members that attended the seminar, I am hopeful that some of them could successfully transition to writers, should they decide to pursue a career in writing some time in the future.

In the coming months, I intend to come up with a seminar I’m calling iWrite.

It’s a seminar that will talk about the timeless value of writing and how, through what we write (via blog, newspaper or magazine column), we can contribute something positive to our ever-changing and hurting world.

And the good news is, you don’t have to be a journalism student to be able to write. Whether you’re a career person, a call center agent, a doctor, nurse, engineer, whatever, YOU CAN WRITE.

I’ve got friends in the journalism business, who are non-Journalism graduates, yet have done well in the writing profession.

Fact is, writing is a skill we can acquire as we read, read, read, write, write write and learn, learn, learn from people, books and vidcasts and podcasts.

iWrite: Inspiring others through writing. Writing to inspire others.

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