Why We Need To Write Ideas Down ?>

Why We Need To Write Ideas Down

Have you had an idea or “things-to-do” before that you forgot completely because you failed to write it down?

I’ve experienced that so many times before. And it usually happens when I fail to write it down.

So it’s not really because I’m having what people may say as “senior moment”, or a time in one’s life where age suddenly begins to affect one’s memory.

But I remember one very important lesson I learned from my mother during my grade school days.

Back when there were no “post-it” notes to remind us of things to do, my mom used to tell me, in order to remember the lessons in class, I have to take down notes.

Photo on 8-26-14 at 11.32 PMMama reminds me that almost everyday, even checking my notebooks in English and Chinese subjects just to see if I took notes during class.

Along the way, in order to remind me some of the things to do when I reach home after school, I started writing things on my left palm. Seriously, I did that for the purpose of reminding me of subjects I need to review for the next day.

As I think about that “unusual” way to remind myself, I believe we all have ideas that come our way everyday.

And oftentimes, these ideas come unannounced.

But in order to preserve and eventually develop that “idea”, we need to write it down.

Honestly, writing an idea down helped me a great deal as I prepare for the sports news I write for Spin.ph everyday.

In today’s “high-tech” generation, we have so many tools to remind ourselves or even tools we can use to “preserve” whatever idea that may come to our mind along the way.

Our mobile phones are not just designed to make calls, receive calls or send and receive text messages today. Instead, mobile phones are now designed to “multi-task”.

Phones today can serve as alarm clock, electronic “post-it”, calendar, are equipped with a basic writing app, and so much more.

So the next time an idea pops up, just write it down, because chances are, you would forget if you don’t.


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