Why Love Is Not Scarce ?>

Why Love Is Not Scarce

Wedding of our friends Harllan and Rhen. Photo courtesy of Dong Agot.

Below is a blog my wife Ava wrote regarding the scarcity of love today.  It’s a thought-provoking piece that I hope and pray would challenge each one of us to learn to spread God’s love amid it’s scarcity today.

Posting this, shortly after witnessing the celebration of the union of our very dear friends Harllan and Rhen.

Why is love scarce?

Love is scarce, but not unavailable. Love becomes scarce when we choose to look at our own needs rather than taking a look at others.

Love becomes scarce when we give a frown instead of a smile.

Love becomes scarce when we choose to bash rather than honor.

Love becomes scarce when we decide to put down rather than help. Love becomes scarce when we choose to follow our routines rather than practice getting out of our way to be an encouragement for a minute or two.

Love becomes scarce when we choose to gossip and speculate rather than pray.

When we look around, love is always available.

Unlike the law of supply and demand, love is not cheap. It’s in fact priceless.

It doesn’t take wealth to have it sparingly because it can’t be bought.

Everybody can own it and everybody can give it away. Love is free though.

We could give it away as much and as often as we want. Love cannot be stolen.

It can’t even be snatched by life’s busyness or the lures of the world. A decision could make it permanent and turn it into a commitment, or better yet, a covenant.

It also doesn’t take an education to teach it with excellence and stature. Love, as we learn to practice in constancy and intentionality, becomes our nature, our way of life.

Our world shouldn’t run after love but instead, be filled with it.

Starting today, by the grace God gives, let’s be reminded to give it. Give it sparingly without thinking of the “returns.”

If there’s a degree of difficulty, begin with trickles, until it becomes a storm surge that would turn every hard, vengeful, angry, hateful, cynical, apathetic heart inevitably loving.

Love is not scarce. It is abundant only as we choose to.

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