Who Takes The Credit? ?>

Who Takes The Credit?

ED’S NOTE: Below is an inspirational, thought-provoking piece written by my wife as she ponders on the “posture” we are to take when we go through different seasons in life…
When we experience healing, success and restoration of broken relationships, do we easily abandon the One who enabled these things? Do we take credit and in our own minds think, “These are the things we deserve.”
But here’s what, know for sure that we don’t deserve any of these. For what we deserve are sickness, failure and broken relationships.
These are “deaths” of different forms. But when we look to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, then we could confidently say, ONLY through You that we could freely enjoy and experience all these.
All these are free, but doesn’t mean they are cheap. They are “free” because they’ve been purchased for us by the Only One who is qualified.
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The love, grace, mercy and hope packaged in our lives are just by-products of Jesus’ act of taking ALL the bad things upon Himself, so He could give us ALL that He deserved.

So when God heals, give praise; when He makes us succeed, give praise; when He makes our relationships whole, give praise.
But when things are not going as expected, pause, wait, and let’s move to a higher kind of praise that’s not bound to our own definition of goodness, and that is worship.
Worship, for He is always good, always faithful, always sovereign and always
Worship, for He didn’t allow us to experience the things we deserved in the first place.
Worship, for bad things don’t change His nature as a good God.
Worship, for our perception of things doesn’t change His nature as a powerful and infinite God.
Worship, for our opinions and actions never changed His ultimate solution to our ultimate problem of eternal death due to our sins.
God is to be praised for the good things He’s done, is doing and would be doing, and He is to be worshipped for who He is. 

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