Who “Not” What Makes Christmas Really Special ?>

Who “Not” What Makes Christmas Really Special

Xmas gift 2Christmas is said to be the longest season ever in the Philippines.

Metro Manila in particular is buzzing with life when the “Ber” months chug along.

From the already classic Christmas songs of Jose Mari Chan and the legendary Pat Boone and even the late pop icon Michael Jackson, we can easily feel the Christmas atmosphere when we hear their music played on the airwaves.

I have wonderful memories celebrating Christmas with my family.

Mine may be different from how you celebrate it with your family growing up, but for sure, we all have our experiences and recollections regarding the Holiday season.

Noche Buena is of course, a part of Filipino family tradition. The opening of Christmas gifts has always been a highlight for me growing up, because I finally have a chance to see the “answered prayers” I’ve been asking from God when I was a child.

Christmas is also filled with different delicacies and home-made cooked food, as well as yummy desserts and other sweets.

Reconnecting with friends and relatives are also part of Christmas because of the long break.

For sure, some of you are headed back to the provinces to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones and friends.

Reunions will more likely, be part of your scheduled this Holiday season.

My wife and I intend to make some rounds within the city where we will be bringing the kids along to distribute “noche buena packs” to our less fortunate brothers.

It would be a fun experience for us, and a teaching moment as well since we will involve our kids, ages 9, 7 and 2 this Christmas Eve.

As we celebrate Christmas, may we also be reminded that beyond the Christmas gifts, the bounty that will fill our dining table as well as the various parties and reunions we will be attending, Christ is the Only One who can bring full meaning and beauty to Christmas because He is the Ultimate Reason for celebrating this special season.

Joyous Christmas to everyone!


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