What people say about SPORTS ICONS ?>

What people say about SPORTS ICONS

SPORTS ICONS is a book that covers more than just facts surrounding the 25 world-class sportspersons.

Legendary sportsmen like Kobe Bryant, Manny Pacquiao, Michael Phelps and even the late Filipino basketball great Carlos “Caloy” Loyzaga all accomplished superb feats in the sports arena during their time.

Yet, by carefully examining their journey to greatness, we all have to realize that the sportspeople we so admire remain humans after all. They get hurt at times, they make mistakes, they laugh and they cry, just like us.

Since coming out of the press in December 2015,  SPORTS ICONS has been read by various people, from public speakers to business people and even athletes.

Below are what some of these people say about SPORTS ICONS:

11201875_888510974568396_7852473631989539496_n“If you’re not a sports enthusiast, it might be the first time you encounter sports terms like  ‘Crossover’ or ‘Home Plate’ found in the book; so to describe Sports Icons in terms we all understand, it is simply a Masterpiece! 

-JAYSON LO, Inspirational Speaker and Author of the Best-selling book YOUnique: “Understanding Others by Understanding YOU”

12208_1129209633786048_8105200603956463037_n“Well-made. Very inspirational. Sports Icons shows us that God can turn our lives from nothing into something. Whatever status we may be in: rich, poor, ordinary or influential, we need Him in our lives by trusting His ‘game plan’ and by staying faithful to Him because He is the Source of everything that we have. Indeed, a must-read for everyone!

-ANDY MARK and RUSELLE BARROCA, Point guard, Star Hotshots (Philippine Basketball Association), Happy and loving wife

“Richard Dy’s Sports Icons takes us from one arena to another: from game to life. Facts about sports and sportspeople translate into everyday spiritual truths, guiding us from hero worship to real worship.”

-JOJO and JANET VILLA, Area Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Metro Manila

“Sports is not unlike life. It has its triumphs and trashing. In it, you experience either ‘the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat’. But beyond winning or losing, sports teaches indispensable lessons that when applied, could put you under life’s ‘win column’. Sports Icons by Richard Dy is full of such lessons. You may not be a world-class athlete but applying the principles in this book could turn you into a world-class person.”

-REY CORPUZ, Pastor, Every Nation Abu Dhabi, (United Arab Emirates)

11137152_824886654274462_1233689518935399238_n“Evident in the chapters of Sports Icons is Richard Dy’s passion to bring out what is in the hearts of these sports icons.  I am happy that now, there is a book where these icons can finally say, ‘I excel for a higher purpose.’”

-DR. ALVIN ANG, International Development Resource Person Economics Professor at Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

11866218_1619335981653285_2414235740976945583_n“By the very nature of sports, athletes are often regarded as tough individuals.  But behind the tough persona lies ordinary individuals no different from us. Athletes have to overcome challenges, conquer odds, and at times even face defeat, in order to achieve their winning status.  Sports Icons by Richard Dy draws such parallelisms, and shares insights on how we, too, can become ‘champions’ in the sport called life.”

-BETH TO, Vice-president for Operations, CitiGlobal Realty and Development, Inc.

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