What do you do when you’re battling with feelings of inadequacy? ?>

What do you do when you’re battling with feelings of inadequacy?

13418414_10153562689382019_6220164815404775881_oDavid is set to complete his first full week as a student in the “big school” in Kapitolyo, Pasig this Friday (June 17).

This school year was the first time in his life he’s in big school after spending the last 4 years under the Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow’s homeschool program.

My wife carried the bulk of the teaching on our 8-year-old son David and yes, I should say, Ava has done a magnificent job laying the down the academic foundation to him. (But I handled most of the Christian education stuff and Math).

David wanted to be a marine biologist in the future,  something he has been telling us since he was 4 (even though at that time he didn’t know what marine biologists do, but he did say he wanted to take care of sharks).

As I drove him to school Wednesday morning, he told me that he enjoys science a lot but not English or Math.

I asked him why, and his response was, “ because I am not good at those subjects.”

As a dad, I wondered why he could say that to himself when in fact, looking at his report cards in past school years, his grades in those 2 subjects were over 90 percent for every grading period.

Every dad or mom has no other desire but to see his/her kids become successful. And during that conversation, I prayed in my mind what to say, knowing that a child like him easily absorbs what adults say.

And I’m reminded by God to share to him again a Bible passage that we talked about during our morning devotions, Philippians 4:13, which says, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

As we were about to reach our destination, I told David that when he relies on his own strength, chances are, he’ll fail, fumble and make dumb decisions.

But when he learns to trust God and rely on His strength, the Lord will give Him the strength to overcome his feeling of inadequacies and be able to do all that God purposed for him to do.

And his eyes brightened as he alighted the car and off he went to school.

Our conversation lasted for just 15 minutes, but it was one that’s filled with lesson as it simply reminded me to count on God to give me the strength as I face the challenges of tomorrow, instead of spending so much time focusing on my inadequacies and lack.

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