What do you do when ‘Goliath’ tries to knock you down? ?>

What do you do when ‘Goliath’ tries to knock you down?

tunnel 3It’s 6:30 a.m. It’s been 2 hours since I woke up, awakened by the warm temperature of my youngest child Niquee. Just 3 and a half days ago, Niquee’s kuya David began his on and off fever, and this is due for a large part to his cough and colds.

While my wife and I attend to our kids in this on-and-off-weather, life goes on as we think about the future, planning, talking about our next steps as we continue marching forward in what we believe God has called us to do.

Sometimes, when I think about the future, I feel that sudden chill that every human being feels. Fear, that fear of the unknown, that fear of the future, a kind of fear that intimidates me, as if Goliath came back to life in the 21st Century, gloats over me and tells me that he’ll squash me like a bug.

But as I spend my time reading a book by American preacher Steven Furtick, go through some Bible verses and pray, God just started reminding me of so many things, things that He has done so many times in my life. It was His way of reminding me that no matter how uncertain life seems, how defeated I may feel inside, the truth remains: that God is faithful.

A portion of Steven Furtick’s chapter in his book Sun Stand Still knocked me back to my senses as far as God’s faithfulness is concerned. Sharing that portion to you:

God’s faithfulness (emphasis mine) extends to your own life. It is a faithful God who has allowed you to breathe every breath you’ve ever breathed. It is his faithfulness that has enabled you to experience the highest mountaintops of your life. It is his faithfulness that has enabled you to endure the darkest valleys. His faithfulness us the reason for every victory and success you’ve ever experienced. His faithfulness is your hope in every defeat and failure.”

HIS FAITHFULNESS. One thing is sure, God is faithful. That’s His nature, it will never change. There may be days when we doubt, when we don’t feel like believing, but the truth remains, God is faithful.

The author of Hebrews in chapter 13:8 best sums up God’s nature through His Son Jesus, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

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