What Are You Afraid Of? ?>

What Are You Afraid Of?

11264585_10152938665472019_845839195150764400_nHave you ever been in a situation where you feel like you’re in a point of no return?

I did.

On Saturday, I took my family to Antipolo for a day trip.

No plans. No itinerary. Just pure fun that, for a while, I felt would turn out to be a near-death experience.

Of course, to say ‘near-death’ is more of an exaggeration.

But personally, going up the bridgeway at Cloud 9 with my 9-year-old daughter, seeing a commercial airplane getting nearer and nearer as we ascend the 360-degree view deck, while going through thoughts like ‘what if we fall down to the unknown’ or ‘what if the bridgeway suddenly collapses’ – they all started racing through my mind.

Bea proudly shows the background of the Cloud 9 viewdeck after successfully crossing the bridgeway in her first try.

My daughter, who I should say, is blessed with a rare courageous, gung-ho spirit for her age, actually broached the idea of crossing the bridgeway.

As a dad, I ‘bravely’ (or was it forced?) accompanied her to the bridgeway, while thinking of ways how to instruct her to make sure she won’t chicken out halfway through the trek.

But before even reaching the mid-point of the trek, I was entertaining thoughts of just going back to the entrance since we’ve ‘enjoyed’ a nice view already.

But the ‘brave’ daddy in me tells me that this is a teaching moment, not really for my daughter, who I should say, knows almost everything about courage, but for myself.

You see, I’m not the typical go-go, rah-rah guy, who likes challenges of this sort. I’m more of a laid-back, ‘let’s-go-for-the-safe-tried-and-tested’ route type of person.

Mission accomplished! Conquered our fear of heights.

So when we finally reached the other side of the building, I felt something was ‘reawakened’ inside of me.

Like some strings that for a long time, have ‘controlled me’, suddenly were cut off.

And then, the real brave side of me, says, ‘let’s do it again!’

Yes, conquering my fear of the unknown, the unchartered, the uncertain, the untested…but the more exciting part of the ‘ocean’ meant discovering something far more awesome than I could ever see or imagine.

Where did I get my courage to scale the heights? Well, thankfully, there was the long, thick rope that was strongly connected from the main entrance and over to the other building.

I held on to that rope, as if my life totally depends on it.

In hindsight, that rope represents God in our life.

Have you been on an uphill battle these days? What are you holding on to? Your wealth? Your friend? Your career? Your achievements?

You see, all these that I just mentioned have their limitations.

Wealth dwindles, a friend may get too busy to attend to our needs at times, our career may not be rosy all the time, while our achievements may not necessarily matter at the point of need.

Yet, the One that is constant in our everyday grind is God Himself.

God’s word describes Him as our refuge, our fortress ad our Deliverer – ‘an ever-present help in time of trouble’ (Psalm 46:1).

I don’t really know what you might be going through today, but that passage I just mentioned is a solid assurance that He will never fail you when you call on Him.

His Presence enables us to change our thinking from “I can’t” to “I can”!

His word reminds us that In Christ, we can!

So after that ‘bridgeway experience’, I am convinced that when I face challenges again in the next few months or in the near future, I know that I’ll be able to make it through. Why? Because in Christ, “I can” (Phiippians. 4:13).

2 thoughts on “What Are You Afraid Of?

  1. Wow! You forgot to mention dad that I was also a little afraid in the inside, but I just kept going on and not stop walking! And you also didn’t mention that my brother David also conquered his fear and the whole family! Even our helper Rose and baby brother Niquee! I would like to call our family ” THE COURAGOUS FAMILY”! :-)

    Love: your daughter Bea.

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