Viral In 2015 And Beyond ?>

Viral In 2015 And Beyond

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Viral. According to, the word viral was first used in 1937.

It was originally used to define the widespread impact of a certain virus on a group of people.

But in our Internet Age, the word viral took on a whole new meaning.

In the advent of Youtube, which has more than 47 million followers at Twitter alone, people can easily post a video at the world’s popular video site and become “famous”.

With each click of an individual, who, eventually shares the video to someone, what could just be an amateur video, can become “viral” because of the way it commands huge attention from people online.

As my wife and I pray and ask for God’s direction for 2015, it is apparent that the following areas are key points we need to grow as men (whether you’re married or single) in order to become “viral” in the generation we live in.

  1. Viral in our Christian faith: We live in a world, where hurt and confused people are looking for answers to life’s toughest questions.

* Our faith in Christ, reinforced through our obedience, is what world needs to see.Our faith can be felt, beginning with our own family and spiraling to extended families (including our cousins and in-laws) who have yet to know Christ.

* And what will set us apart as God’s children is the attitude and faith we have when it comes to facing life’s real battles.

  1. Viral at social media: If you are into any of the social media tools today (and I hope you are considering the 1.1 billion Facebook users alone in the world according to a stats in 2014), God gives us a unique opportunity to impact thousands and millions through social media today.

* The blogs we write, the tweets we post or the status we share every day at Facebook are modern-day opportunities to speak blessing, encourage the discouraged or disheartened and even introduce God to more people.

  • As such, let’s use every social media tool not for personal gains, but for our readers to know God through us, so we can leave a lasting mark in their hearts and minds.
  1. Viral in our marriage…the secret to lasting, loving marriage is not applying all that can be found from the many books that talk about marriage. Instead, it is rooted to one thing – being completely grounded in the truth of God’s word.
  1. Viral in our parenting …we’re producing no ordinary kids with simple dreams, but God gave us kids with unique gifting and callings. As such, our time as parents is important DAILY. Impartation comes along when we spend UNINTERRUPTED time with them.


2 thoughts on “Viral In 2015 And Beyond

  1. Great post, Richard! I appreciate your insight, especially on how we need to step out in faith to reach out to our families. We shouldn’t use the fear of breaking blood relations as a reason not to share Jesus. Thanks!

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