Tita Cory, Thanks For The Wonderful Memories ?>

Tita Cory, Thanks For The Wonderful Memories

I was 9 years old when I first heard of the name of Cory Aquino. She was motherly on television, but she also showed her fighting side especially as she tried to lead the country against  the tight reign of then Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.

cory oath

We lived at Laon Laan Street, two blocks away from Gov. Forbes (now Arsenio Lacson Street). And from just outside our window, I could see thousands of Filipinos, all of them in a fighting mode, wearing yellow shirts, some wearing yellow strips rolled around their heads, flashing the “L” sign and shouting “Ibagsak si Marcos” (Sack Marcos).

I didn’t really know how serious the situation was back in February 1986, because at that time, I was simply concerned with the no classes declared so I could play, wake up late and relax (which any nine-year-old kid would probably do).

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