Tim Tebow and sex ?>

Tim Tebow and sex

tebowAmerican football player Tim Tebow is back in the headlines. No, not because of his latest exploits in the football field.

But due to his refusal to “sex-ploit” (now former) girlfriend, supermodel and ex-Miss USA Olivia Culpo after going steady for the last two months.

Faithit.com reported that their relationship “was called off because she couldn’t handle Tebow’s virginity vow.”

Standing up for what is right and not on what “feels good right now” takes a lot of courage and self-control.

Tebow, known for his Christian faith, stood by his personal conviction of preserving himself for marriage.

But think about it, how was Tebow able to resist the lure of going to bed with a supermodel? Was it through sheer will power? Respect for his girlfriend? Or just the fear of being humiliated if he fails to live up to his purity vow?

More than all those, it is because of Tebow’s desire to please God FIRST rather than satisfy the seeming irresistible urge for sex.

Refusing to go to bed with a girl who is not even your wife yet, requires supernatural self-control. And one can only have that when he or she draws that power from God Himself.

Tebow made it clear through an article at www.memphisflyer.com that he is committed to honor God with everything he has.

“I realized you are no better just because you’re decent at a sport,” Tebow said. “It doesn’t make you special just because you can play baseball, football, basketball—those are just gifts from God. We’re all blessed with different gifts but that doesn’t make us more special or better. God gave us a gift and it’s about how we use it for his honor and his glory.”

As a member of the Florida Gators in college football in 2009, one of the verses that kept him focused in his desire to honor God was Philippians 4:13, which states “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Are you being tempted? Do you feel like giving in? Remind yourself of Tebow, for with God’s help, he overcame. And so can you.

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