The three pet cats I grew up with ?>

The three pet cats I grew up with

Beth, Tootsy and Mingming. These were 3 of the pet cats I grew up with.

Beth and Tootsy were our pet cats when I was 4 years old.

As a kid, I tried my best carrying these two cats when mama wasn’t looking (you see, I was not allowed to be near cats because of my allergy on cat fur when I was young). But most of the time, I end up getting scratched by our pets.

Beth has a “ferocious” personality, a snob who doesn’t want her “master” (that’s me) from touching or carrying her. But all she wanted was to be fed, no wonder she was a fat cat.

Tootsy on the other hand, was that smaller cat, who doesn’t seem to like being cuddled or carried for too long. She’s fidgety and seemingly “anxious” when I carry her.

While Mingming, well, she’s completely different.

Mingming was that slender type of cat, who used to come to our house at 6 p.m. She uses her paw to open our screen door (no joke), goes in, looks for me or my younger brother Francis so we can “play”.

We play Mingming with a broom stick because she likes being carries and getting tickled all the time. I like Mingming very much because she likes being carried, cuddled and embraced by her “evening master”. I say evening master because she shows up at 6 p.m. onwards, then leaves by 7 a.m.

As I thought about these pet cats, they remind me a lot about how we normally react when God “carries us” and puts us in situations or places where He wants to.

We could be like Beth, who likes “solo flights” because we seem to have “figured life out already”.

Or Tootsy, who is anxious in about anything and just can’t seem to trust her “Master”.

Or third, be like Mingming, where we are happy to be where our “Master” places us, enjoys being cuddled and carried by God.

Three pet cats. I’m sure we can all relate to these cats. Which one do you think are you like?

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