The Gift Of Nothingness ?>

The Gift Of Nothingness

Sharing to you an insight on REST, which my wife wrote. I hope and pray you’ll be blessed.

From the time I started having the concept of WORK, I also started understanding the meaning of HARD WORK.

Hard work means having no time thinking and working on nothing. Hard work means either the mind or body is working or both are.

As I recall back in college, I only get to rest when I was sick or got burnt out.

14033251-stressed-and-depressed-3d-man-sitting-on-white-backgroundSadly, I brought that with me up to lately. Moments just staring at the wall should be a “productive” time, thinking, strategizing and conceptualizing.

Every moment for me was an “opportunity” to bless others, minister, counsel, help and perform my duties well.

I forgot there are moments I should do “nothing”.

Nothing that would make my mind tick. Nothing that would squeeze out juices to help upgrade my family’s and other people’s lives.

I failed to appreciate the gift of “nothingness” or better defined as the gift of rest.

Just two days ago, I was telling God my dream of going out on a week-long vacation with my lovely family… doing “nothing” that would tire my mind, body and soul.

But now, I realize rest is nothing but allowing God’s peace to reign in my heart and mind no matter how erratic or unpredictable circumstances are.

Rest is standing, sitting, lying (or whatever posture we desire) SO STILL and actually letting God’s presence fill me with nothing but His everything.

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