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Why We Need To Write Ideas Down ?>

Why We Need To Write Ideas Down

Have you had an idea or “things-to-do” before that you forgot completely because you failed to write it down? I’ve experienced that so many times before. And it usually happens when I fail to write it down. So it’s not really because I’m having what people may say as “senior moment”, or a time in one’s life where age suddenly begins to affect one’s memory. But I remember one very important lesson I learned from my mother during my grade…

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Non-Negotiables For 2010 ?>

Non-Negotiables For 2010

Another year has ended. A new year is about to begin. Today, I’m writing my last blog for 2009, this is my first year of blogging, by the way. And I blogging as a way of sharing some of my insights, information I learn, ideas I think of and inspire people who might be down and out at times. While some people write down their usual list of New Year’s resolutions, I have here several important, or should I say…

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God’s Dream Team ?>

God’s Dream Team

It’s been 17 years since the National Basketball Association’s 11 greatest professional players along with one amateur played for the United States’ national basketball squad, steamrolling over the opposition en route to an 8-0 win-loss record and the Olympic gold medal before wildly cheering crowd in Barcelona, Spain. The US squad, led by Hall of Famers Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, slapped high-fives, dished off n0-look passes, shoot three-pointers and dunked over mesmerized oppositions to the delight of…

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Pacquiao Acknowledges His Career Is God-Powered ?>

Pacquiao Acknowledges His Career Is God-Powered

From rags to riches. From a difficult life to a life of comfort. That basically sums up world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao’s current status following his numerous ring success. Evidently, Pacquiao has already etched his name in boxing immortality with his memorable ring clashes with Mexican greats like Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Oscar dela Hoya, an American who has Mexican decent, among others. Click here for more…

NBA Preview: West Side Story (2nd of 2 Parts) ?>

NBA Preview: West Side Story (2nd of 2 Parts)

While Boston, Cleveland and Orlando are all expected to flex their muscles and make their presence felt in the East, the West is as talented and as ultra-competitive as ever. The Los Angeles Lakers remain the prohibitive favorites in the West, what with an intact core of veterans and youngsters that bludgeoned the Orlando Magic in the Finals on the way to capturing their 15th league title in the process. However, the focus of attention isn’t going to be just…

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NBA Preview: Beasts In The East (1st of 2 parts) ?>

NBA Preview: Beasts In The East (1st of 2 parts)

So who’s going to dominate in the coming NBA 2010 season? If you’re an NBA aficionado, I’m sure you wish your favorite ballclub ends the season with the championship. Unfortunately, there can only be one champion after 82 regular season games and16 playoffs victories counting the Finals. NBA TV has been running some interesting previews on how various teams would fair come the 2010 season, which by the way kicks off this Oct. 28 (Manila time) featuring a blockbuster match…

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Writing To Keep My “Idea-Juice” Flowing ?>

Writing To Keep My “Idea-Juice” Flowing

I’ve been writing since I passed as a campus sportswriter at University of Santo Tomas’ official school paper, the Varsitarian way back in 1997. By God’s grace, I was eventually able to land a spot as a sportswriter with the Manila Times and eventually Manila Bulletin. Now, I’m writing blogs, sharing to you the Four I’s my wife and I have identified to keep us focused—Information, Ideas, Inspiration and Insights. Click here for more…

Basketball Players Are Torn Between Playing For Money Or For Country ?>

Basketball Players Are Torn Between Playing For Money Or For Country

When I wrote a full-length, three-page story on Filipinos’ passion for basketball more than a decade ago, I was reminded once again that majority of today’s generation of Filipino basketball players, if given a choice between playing for flag and country or playing for a PBA team, would surely choose the latter. Factors to consider: poor economic background of an aspiring basketball player; player agent’s influence to sing contract with a commercial ball club; presence of talent scouts in collegiate…

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Will Carmelo Anthony Join The Lakers in 2010 Season? ?>

Will Carmelo Anthony Join The Lakers in 2010 Season?

I was recently talking with Far Eastern University’s rookie forward Pipo Noundou. And he was telling me an interesting NBA off-season rumor that Denver swingman Carmelo Anthony might just join the newly-minted Los Angeles Lakers come the 2010 season. I couldn’t remember where Pipo got that story but as I scanned through the internet for possible trade talks or trade possibilities, I found none, except some remarks from NBA followers at a popular search engine site. Several NBA aficionados said…

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