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The greatest news in history ?>

The greatest news in history

History is filled with breakthroughs in various fronts of life–breakthroughs that served as really great news for mankind. Take the case of polio, a deadly diseases during the pre-war era. History shows hundreds of thousands of people got affected and/or killed by this disease, and among the many victims of this was then US president Franklin D. Roosevelt. But American medical researcher and virologist Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine, which was made available by 1955. Over 60 years later,…

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The true meaning of Good Friday ?>

The true meaning of Good Friday

By now, thousands of people have already made the expected “exodus” from Metro Manila as they spend time in their provinces or hit the nearby resorts and gather with their families for the Holy Week. Others though observe their age-old family tradition, visiting various religious sanctuaries during the Lenten Season.

Holy Week Thoughts ?>

Holy Week Thoughts

There are two things that have long been part of Filipino tradition during the Holy Week: 1. families get out of their usual routine and travel, either locally or abroad for a few days; or 2. stay home and do the traditional Holy Week rituals as penance for the sins they committed. The past days, people are obviously rushing out of Metro Manila, hoping to spend the next few days with their loved ones in their respective provinces and get…

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