Struggling Lakers and Dealing with Change ?>

Struggling Lakers and Dealing with Change

Kobe Bryant, now in his 20th NBA season, along with sophomore Fil-Am guard Jordan Clarkson. PHOTO Source:


In sports, change is a common theme every offseason.

Take for example the Los Angeles Lakers. As one of the NBA’s winningest franchises, the Los Angeles front office made changes in the offseason in the hope of expecting a better, more productive 2015-16 season.

Sophomore forward Julius Randle is back after playing just one game last season.

Veteran forward Metta World Peace is back in the NBA with the Lakers after playing elsewhere the last two seasons.

Lou Williams, Brandon Bass and Roy Hibbert were also taken in to add experience to a young franchise that is slowly transitioning into the post-Kobe Bryant era.

Rookie D’Angelo Russell is still learning the ropes in the pros, while Fil-American Jordan Clarkson hopes to build on his solid second half during his rookie year last season.

As I write this blog, the Lakers just got plastered by the Denver Nuggets, 120-109 to drop to 0-4 this season.


It’s inevitable. And in sports, change, sometimes can be ugly because a team in transition usually experiences losing streaks, heartbreaking losses, even lopsided defeats.

I’ve had my share of changes: adjusting to family life when I got married, had my first baby to now, having three growing kids. Switching jobs and eventually transitioning to giving talks and writing my first book put me in a situation where I had to face change again and again.

Too many times, change can be scary because it seems like we’re treading on thin ice [which my wife and I felt one too many times].

It’s tough because of the adjustments or major shift we need to go through.

For others, change is emotionally draining, especially when you see your child suffer due to a failing health or your dad slowly wasting away due t a debilitating disease.

As we go through one change after another, here’s a passage in Romans 8:28 that I would like to share, And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[ have been called according to his purpose.”

Amid the changes that at times, seem to put you through an endless cycle of “bad luck or misfortune”, God is at work in our life.

We may not like the change we’re into today, but one thing is sure, God can use change

to build our character, develop our faith and teach us to be patient–all with the end goal of accomplish His purposes and plans in our life.

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