Spurs-Heat For The 2013 NBA Title ?>

Spurs-Heat For The 2013 NBA Title

A well-rested San Antonio Spurs versus a Miami Heat that’s running on adrenaline feature the NBA Finals this year.

The Spurs posted two four-game sweeps in this year’s NBA Playoffs on the way to registering a 12-2 post-season record, entering the Finals.

Tim-Duncan-Lebron-James-2007-NBA-Finals-postgameFor the Heat, they opened the first round with a 4-0 romp of the Milwaukee Bucks, trumped out the injury-riddled Chicago Bulls, 4-1, before scraping out a 4-3 win to march back to the NBA Finals for the third straight year.

As these two dominant squads face off in the NBA Finals, which team will take home the Larry O’Brien NBA Trophy?

Will the long rest be beneficial for the ageing Spurs?

Will fatigue catch up eventually with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the rest of the Heat after being taken to a seven-game series by the Indiana Pacers?

I wonder what’s going on through the mind of James now, especially since his first Finals encounter with the Spurs back in the 2007 NBA Finals ended with a 0-4 loss?

Will that be enough of a motivation to fuel his passion and help the Heat win their second straight NBA championship?

Or will the Spurs end(?) the season and perhaps, the Duncan-Parker-Ginobili era with a bang and capture their fifth NBA championship?

Which team are you rooting for? Spurs or Heat? Take your pick.

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