Social media, both ‘exciting’ and ‘disturbing’ ?>

Social media, both ‘exciting’ and ‘disturbing’

PUP-students-social-media-The-seedThis blog is contributed by PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) third year Journalism student Flint Osric Gorospe. Flint joined the Richard Dy Communication’s Campus Journalism and Photojournalism seminar last December 2006.

Living in the Social Media age can be both “exciting” and “disturbing” at the same time.

Exciting considering the explosion of information that is well within reach of today’s generation of Facebook/ Twitter/Instagram users. But disturbing as well due to the dangers kids encounter via the various popular social media platforms today.

richard-dy-the-seed-social-mediaKids as young as 10 years old peppered resource speaker Richard Dy with questions related to social media ranging from cyber bullying, identity theft and even the proliferation of false information.

While today’s generation of young people hardly go to libraries to do research due to the availability of information online,  it’s bothersome to know that grade school students like those from The Seed Montessori School also have to deal with cyber bullying.

In times past, bullying was confined to playgrounds. But given the time spent by these kids online, bullying has spilled over the world wide web today.

As such, it is important for kids to be extra careful when accessing their Facebook and Twitter accounts, especially in accepting “friend requests” from strangers.

In the end, kids have to see their parents/guardians and teachers as guides and even protectors as they make social media part of their daily life.

Richard Dy is a veteran sports journalist, who currently serves as managing editor of FOX Sports online portal.  His talk: “Social Media and You”was held last July 19, 2017.

PHOTOS by JM ABCEDE, PUP third year Journalism student

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