Sharing To You Bea’s First Short Story ?>

Sharing To You Bea’s First Short Story

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Since we are in the “Ber” month now and we’re just a few months away from Christmas, I’d like to share to you what my 7-year-old daughter Bea wrote…This is her very first story…A story about Christmas, a story I have been telling her since she was about 3 years old.

Note: My wife just corrected a few misspelled words, punctuation marks and words that were supposed to be capitalized…

Praying that Bea will be a far better writer than me as she grows up – Editor’s note.

I’m going to tell you a story about the time when Jesus was born.

jesus-in-the-mangerOnce upon a time when Mary was cleaning her house, she heard a very loud voice.

The voice said, “Child, God has chosen you for a very special reason. You will bear God’s son”.

Then the angel disappeared.

Now Mary was engaged to a kind and loving man, who was named Joseph.

Now Mary told Joseph that she has been chosen because it was time for the two of them to have a baby….  a very special baby.

But Joseph did not believe her so when Joseph was taking a nap, he had a dream about an angel who appeared before him.

He said to Joseph, “Don’t be afraid to take Mary as your wife”.

Then Joseph woke up with a surprised face. He took Mary as his wife.

Now, Nazareth was controlled by the Romans.  Mary and Joseph had to go a long way to Bethlehem, where Jesus would be born.

Oh no, look at Mary, she is having a hard time with the baby. The baby is almost going down.

They knocked many inns but the inns were so full and had no space for Mary to give birth.

2 hours later, a kind innkeeper took pity on Mary so he said, “If you do not mind the animals, maybe you could stay in the stable”.

Joseph accepted the innkeeper’s offer. Then when the Magi were resting, the angels said, “Glory to God for His Son has been born to Bethlehem, where the stable is in there”.

Then the angel disappeared. The Magi packed gifts. There they saw a star brighter than the others and they followed it.

They hurried to the stable where they saw the king of the Jews named Jesus.

There, they prayed to baby Jesus and they gave gifts to Him. On midnight, when Joseph was asleep, the angel Gabriel said to Joseph, “Wake up! You have to leave fast. Herod is trying to kill baby Jesus. Go to Egypt but don’t leave unless I tell you to go back to Nazareth”.

So Joseph woke up Mary and started the long journey.                                                                                        THE END

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