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Secret Of Great Writers

10565021_1463783873882600_1766400363046153657_nWriters from different eras have one secret: they READ A LOT.

Filipino national heroes Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, who come from different family background, share one common ground – they read books.

Their desire to learn prepared them for leadership during the Spanish occupation.

On the other hand, US president Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson were also known voracious readers. Same with another American president, Theodore Roosevelt, who was considered by many as probably the “most well-read president” in all of history.

In today’s Information Age, there are tons of books, e-books and even blog sites that talk on a wide-array of subject matter.

I’m thankful for my college professors at the University of Santo Tomas, who emphasized the importance of reading – books, newspapers and magazines.

Honestly, I have no desire to read books during my grade school and high school days. I’d rather play basketball or watch television at that time.

10449489_10152212804977019_167740183518564300_nBut because of my desire to become a sportswriter later on, I was “forced” to read a lot of books, newspapers and magazines that somehow “fast-tracked” my growth in writing.

Of course, I am also thankful for some of my college friends, whose reading habits have spurred me to make reading a habit, while my pastors at Victory taught me to read leadership books and other various topics that could help me grow as a Christ-follower.

For aspiring writers and even ongoing writers/ bloggers, the best way to grow in our craft is READ. There’s no shortcut to it .

And once we start reading, it becomes a habit that would be “hard to break”.


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