Questions The Lakers Will Try To Answer ?>

Questions The Lakers Will Try To Answer

Now that the ordeal is over for the injury-riddled Los Angeles Lakers, the biggest moves and speculations leading up to Dwight Howard’s “big decision” starts today.

The 6’10” Howard ended his first season with the Lakers in an unlikely fashion – an ejection after picking up his second technical foul in Game Four earlier.

Howard-USATodayAlready without injured stars Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, Steve Blake, backup big man Jordan Hill and now Howard, the Lakers were simply left to be fed to the dogs as the San Antonio Spurs took the broom out in their 103-82 win en route to a 4-0 sweep.

Uncertainty surrounds the Lakers at this point and here are a series of questions I have in mind, and maybe, a question Laker fans might be asking too!

  • Will Howard still wear the Los Angeles’ famed purple-and-gold uniform next season?
  • Will Bryant still play at a very high level should he recover from his Achilles injury?
  • What about Pau Gasol? Will the seven-foot Spaniard still return for another tour of duty after years of rumor that he’s on the trading block?
  • Will Mike D’Antoni stay after coaching the Lakers to a disappointing finish this season? Though the Lakers managed to rebound at the last half of the regular season by posting a 28-12 record en route to punching in the seventh seed into the Playoffs, we could hear the LA fans chanting a different name other D’Antoni.
  • Laker fans chant, “We want Phil!” “We want Phil!”
  • So what will the Lakers front office do now with D’Antoni still less than a year from his three-year, $12 million contract with Los Angeles?

Interesting off season for the Lakers and their front office. For sure, whatever they do now could either create a positive or negative ripple effect since Bryant is no longer a spring chicken.

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