Priceless Moment with Kids At Manila Ocean Park ?>

Priceless Moment with Kids At Manila Ocean Park

Family with stingray
Bonding time at Manila Ocean Park on David’s 7th birthday

Thursday (Nov. 20) was a very special day for us as a family because it was the 7th birthday of my son David.

Three months ago, David began his birthday countdown, reminding me, through our giant white board at our house that his birthday is “coming soon”.

No wonder, days leading to Nov. 20, he started reminding me and my wife that his birthday is coming and that he’s excited to go to Manila Ocean Park and see all the sharks.

By the way, if you’re wondering why “sharks”, well, that happened to be his favorite animal.

Since 2 years old, he started his fascination with that specific sea creature. He studied “megalodon” sharks, bull sharks and even nurse sharks through the books we bought. He even makes research by watching video at Youtube regarding sharks.

And so Thursday, gave David the perfect opportunity to “bond” with the sharks from the “Oceanarium”, where sharks, bigger than humans, swim freely from the giant aquarium.

David sharkIt’s hard to describe David’s reaction when he finally saw the different sharks, stingrays and giant eels.

He was all smiles, even screaming with joy as sharks started “dancing” in front of him in the giant aquarium.

My wife and I watched him from a distance as David jumped with joy and would occasionally pull us near the aquarium and tell us the exact shark that is swimming at that point.

My wife and I are really thankful for Mr. Patrick Vitan, the assistant supervisor at Manila Ocean Park for giving us a very “favorable favor” we got in celebration of David’s 7th birthday.

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The moment we had as a family at Manila Ocean Park was “truly priceless”.

And for me and my wife, there’s nothing more gratifying than to see our kids enjoy the experience they had at one of the country’s top attractions.

Moms and dads, our kids will only be kids, once; so let’s make that “once-in-a-lifetime” event in their lives worth building on.

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