Preparing the next generation of journalists at PUP ?>

Preparing the next generation of journalists at PUP

2016 marks my second decade as a sports journalist.

Sportswriting is something I began doing as a senior journalism student at the University of Santo Tomas, thanks to the opportunity I had when I became a sports staffer at the Varsitarian.

For several years already, I’ve had the chance to share the things I have learned as a sportswriter to various college and even grade school students.

PUP Journalism PBAPC 2015
Privileged to speak before PUP journalism students in 2015 in an event organized by the PBA Press Corps

And this Dec. 6, through my newfound company Richard Dy Communications, I have another chance to impart and inspire journalism students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) when we hold a journalism seminar and workshop at the PUP’s Main campus.

Grateful for my colleagues Mark Giongco of and former officemate Jerome Ascano, who will join me in our journalism talk with PUP students.

I’ll be forever grateful for the many people who have guided me as a sportswriter since I started my journey in the profession in 1996 with the Manila Times.

I wouldn’t have lasted this long in the profession if not for the senior writers and editors I’ve worked with—I consider them as my mentors.

At Richard Dy Communications, we value the next generation. The future reporters, editors, bloggers and photo journalists and scriptwriters are in the campus. And for us, this is our humble way of preparing the next generation of writers, who will soon be shaping our ever-changing world through what they will write.

And yes, special thanks to our partners for this seminar and workshop— Blackwater, Rencor, CitiGlobal and Alaska—companies which support and believe in what we are doing.

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