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Perfect Storm. Perfect Peace

It’s been two weeks since super typhoon Yolanda smashed through a portion of Visayas, leaving as of the latest count, more than 5,000 people dead, rendering hundreds of thousands of people homeless and a trail of wrecked lives as victims try to figure out where to start.

The news we read from the online portals, tweets from various news agencies and television footages everyday are heartbreaking.  For while NGOs, the government and even other countries try to chip in whatever they can to help the victims, it is never easy to forget the trauma they have gone through during their “meet-up” with Yolanda’s “eye of the storm”.

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The tragedy of typhoon Yolanda reminds that we also face a similar “Yolanda” within our own lives.

The problems we face daily can come in various forms – a debilitating diseases, mounting debt, joblessness, hopelessness, bankruptcy, drug problem, relational dysfunction in the family, bitterness you feel from your parents or siblings, wounds caused by harsh words you received when you were young, failure in school, and there are a whole lot more.

However, in my journey as a Christ follower, I’m also reminded of a passage in Isaiah 26:3 that says (New Living Translation), “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”

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The promise of God is perfect peace. 

Many times in my life, whenever I seek peace elsewhere, I notice that I become more unstable emotionally and I get more disturbed than peaceful from within.

When I try to entertain myself by watching comedy on TV, or play on my iPad, I ended up tired, worn out and even more anxious after. Why? Because I realize I didn’t deal with the root.  Instead of going to God and ask for His peace amidst my own “Yolanda”, I seek answer elsewhere.

But God promised to give perfect peace, which means, uninterrupted peace.

And to whom will God give that peace? You may ask. To those who choose to trust Him; those who choose to fix their thoughts on Him.

So instead of picking up your gadget or play loud music to try to drown yourself out from your problem, why not go to God right now, pray and ask for His perfect peace?




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