Parenting And Child Discipline ?>

Parenting And Child Discipline

Sharing to you a blog that Ava wrote on parenting…

Child discipline is never a walk in the park for any parent.

Richard and I have three kids – Bea, who is turning 8 on January 2014, David, turning 6 on November and Niquee, who is 1 year and 6 months old.

Dy Xmas 2012 Family pixBea and David are at the stage of discipline and honestly, both kids normally test our limits as parents.

All parents go through this challenging stage, dealing with an often wild, or disobedient child, who wants his/ her way at any given time.

And often times, parents simply want their child to stay put at one place while they attend to their work, their household chore or while in a meeting.

Richard and I have gone through these challenges as well, sometimes, focusing too much on a child’s behavior rather than dealing with the heart.

However, as we grow through our parenting and through the parenting seminars we’ve attended and books we’re reading, one undeniable truth about parenting is this: Outward obedience doesn’t necessarily mean inward obedience.

That is why we shouldn’t be after our kids’ right behavior when what they ultimately need is having the right heart before God.

Since every child possesses a rebellious nature, parents need to constantly remind our kids that what makes Jesus’ death on the cross so beautiful and so attractive is that brings in them a righteousness that only He could give.

Bea once asked me, “Mommy, I wanted to love David, but I can’t help but be angry with him when he does something I don’t like.”

And that reminds me that instead of just dismissing what she feels and just tell her a general statement of, “just love David”, I had to take the time to explain the power of the cross to her, reminding her that Christ’s finished work on the cross gives her the power to love her younger brother, despite the offenses he committed to her.

God’s grace is the power that enables every parent to raise up children, who are not just “morally good” but whose hearts are inclined to follow Christ daily.


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