Our Words Make A Whole Lot Of Difference ?>

Our Words Make A Whole Lot Of Difference

Driving in any part of Metro Manila can drive you crazy.

Some foreigner friends I have in the past shook their heads in disbelief when they see drivers speed off even if the traffic sign is RED.

Pedestrians cross the street, regardless if the signal flashes GREEN or RED, so long as they get to their desired destination.

Honestly, even though this has been common sight to me since I grew up Manila, sometimes, I can’t help but also shake my head again and again.

One time,  while driving with my family to Manila, a half-naked man just nonchalantly crossed the street, oblivious of the trucks and cars that were passing through a busy intersection.

urlWhen I said something to express my disbelief, my wife just reminded me not to react, but to pause for a while, before making the response.

Good thing, I was “jolted” by my wife at that moment because I could have just continued and blurt out something bad against that person.

And more importantly, I felt the gentle nudge of God as He reminded me of a passage in Proverbs 18:21 (New Living Translation), “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.”

That verse made me think again, “Are the words coming out of my mouth a blessing to someone? Or am I unknowingly speaking “death” to a person?”

It would have just been easy to say what I want to say at that point, thinking I have the right to say my piece since he almost caused me to commit an accident.

But there were several questions that came to my mind when that happened:

* If I curse, will it solve the problem?

* Will the person change?

* Since my children were there at the back, watching and observing every little detail that I do, “Will they see me blow my top?”

* Most of all, will the words I say, honor God?

As I ponder on these questions while driving, I started to pray for that person, prayed for the city of Manila and prayed for mayor Joseph Estrada’s leadership also in helping instill order in the country’s capital city.

For though I am powerless at that point to do anything to change the situation or even change the heart of the person, I believe, God has the power to change lives of people, and the power to transform society, as well.

Words are powerful, we can speak “life” to someone, or “death”.

When tempted to say something negative, take time to pause, ask God, then pray. In time, we will see God move in supernatural ways.



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