Our unique experience at Ark Avilon ?>

Our unique experience at Ark Avilon

We all had a great experience at Ark Avilon on Sunday.

Last Sunday (March 13), I took my family to Ark Avilon in Ortigas, Pasig for the post-birthday celebration of my youngest child Niquee, who turned 4 last week.

Actually, my 2 boys (the other one is David, 8), are animal lovers.

David, since he was 3, has grown fascinated with sharks. (I don’t really know how he’d grow to like such fierce sea creature.)

My kids with a lioness as background at Ark Avilon.

Niquee, on the other hand, likes crocodiles.

My boys sure like ferocious creatures, no doubt. 

David has a lot of shark books as he tells me tirelessly and passionately the different types of sharks in the world (both extinct and those that are still alive) — information I never knew in my entire life since I’m not a shark-lover.

Niquee, meantime, always injects crocs in our conversation while showing to me the different crocodiles in his animal book.

You see, when I was young, the closest thing I had with animals was seeing them (bored and) locked up in animal cages at the Manila Zoo.

Today, there are zoos like the one in Ortigas where some animals are free to interact with humans.

Pigeons fly within the two-floor zoo. Different big-beaked birds like the Red Macau and I think a horn bill, were also there, perching at the stands. There was a

My kids, including my 10-year-old daughter Bea bought food to feed these birds.

We even had pictures with these animals, including Venus, the orangutan, who playfully tickled David during their picture-taking.

David also bravely held on to a 16-foot python for 10 minutes as we took pictures of him.

While there were some adults at the zoo, who cringed at the sight of the white-colored python, which according to zoo caretakers is already 19 years old, David asked me if he could bring the python home!

As we left the zoo, and the kids all perked up by their experience, my wife and I had a wonderful take-home: our experience with the kids at the zoo can never be replaced by any kind of success or recognition at work; and secondly, that experience gives kids the opportunity to learn the animals closely, instead of just seeing their pictures online or through their text books.

Below is a video of my son David, beside his sister Bea with the 16-foot python:

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