Our Similarity With Spain’s Disappointment After Its Fiba World Cup Debacle ?>

Our Similarity With Spain’s Disappointment After Its Fiba World Cup Debacle

In the brief chat I had with Gilas Pilipinas consultant Tab Baldwin this Saturday, we can’t help but talk about Spain’s  52-65 Fiba World Cup quarterfinal loss to France this week.

Photo Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ serbia-routs-brazil-84-56-175126445–nba.html

It was a loss that knocked the Spaniards out of the tournament, shocked their hometown crowd, and disappointed the basketball fans around the world, who were all expecting a USA-Spain clash for the gold medal.

With six NBA veterans in its Fiba World Cup roster, led by the Gasol brothers Pau and Marc, Rudy Fernandez, Serge Ibaka, Jose Calderon and Ricky Rubio, the Spaniards were tipped to reach the gold medal round opposite reigning champion USA.

But the much-awaited rematch of the 2012 London Olympics protagonists didn’t materialize after France, led by Boris Diaw and Nicolas Batum, crushed the Spaniards’ hopes in the quarterfinals.

Gasol and Co.’s predicament isn’t theirs alone to experience. At one point in our lives, I’m sure we all have been in that kind of a situation before.

* Expectations were high for you to top the board exam, instead, what happened was you were confined in the hospital for an illness, preventing you from taking the board exam.

* You were set for promotion to the managerial position with a hefty 30-percent salary increase, when suddenly, you were told that your performance is again, under review.

* You worked hard for a business deal to be closed. Your client already agreed to sign the contract next week. But when the appointed time came, he told you that, he chose to enter into an agreement with a rival company.

I’ve had my share of disappointments in life, too.

Like a supposed “done-deal” project that would have brought additional income, suddenly called off due to some leadership squabble in the company I was dealing with.

The sudden “call off” of the project affected our family budget, even as the needs in our family continue to increase.

In disappointing moments like that, it is easy to put the blame on people, put the blame on our situation, or even put the blame on God.

But blaming people, circumstance or God won’t solve the problem. At the end of the day, we’ll still end up facing the same, old problem.

One psalmist said in Psalm 119:90,Your  faithfulness endures to all generations;  you have established the earth, and it  stands fast.”

Sometimes, there are things that happen in our lives that we don’t understand. There are situations that usually make us ask the question, “Why?” “Why me?” “Why my family?” 

We may not understand everything that is happening in our lives today. But in all the heartaches, pains and disappointments we face today, may we be reminded that God is faithful, He remains the same and that what He says or what He promises will come to pass.

All we need to do is trust Him, completely.


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