Our New Web Blog Site ?>

Our New Web Blog Site

 My wife and I are having fun writing blogs for the past 3 and 1/2 months. Though I finished with a Journalism degree at UST, I’m thankful to have Ava serving as my “editor” for life.Rdy ava 1

 She sees to it I have the right grammar just before I upload the blogs I write, be it in sports, inspirational stuff or anything from the insights I got from the Bible.

It’s amazing to have a partner in life, who’s always there to support, encourage and love me. 


Well, we’re also using this opportunity to announce that we already have our new web blog site. Kindly visit us at http://www.richavady.com. You’ll get to read the same four I’s we’ve envisioned to happen each time you visit our blog site–Ideas, Insights, Information, Inspiration.

Happy reading! May you be blessed and be informed as well!

Click here for our new web blog address: http://richavady.com

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