Of Typhoon Maring, Habagat And Heroes ?>

Of Typhoon Maring, Habagat And Heroes

Typhoon season is at its peak in our nation right at this very moment.

While I write this piece of blog, everything is calm outside our house, which was totally different from what I personally saw the whole morning and afternoon when heavy rain slammed through our roof and gusty wind pounded on the trees outside.

hero Jihn William floodThe combined forces of Typhoon Maring and monsoon rain pounded Metro Manila and a big portion of Southern Luzon for the last two days, leaving residents in either waist-deep flood waters or even man-sized flood, what we now call as “lagpas-taong baha”.

Areas that never had any history of flooding are now inundated with rain water.

The words “relief operation”, “Operation Tulong”, among others becomes common as we hear them in the news and read them social networking sites.

Typhoon, everyone can be affected by it any time.

Yet, in times like these, we see a lot of heroes and people with golden heart.

We see people whom God can use to save the life of someone in danger, people who rise from the occasion and contribute something as they let God use them to be a vessel to refresh other people.

In times like these, when hope seems gone for victims of a natural calamity, we all can be a “hero” to someone.  You could be a hero to your neighbor who may have yet to take his meal for the last three days due to the typhoon, by sharing food to them.

You could be a hero to someone you don’t know, but through the little time you spare or maybe a few goods you share can go a long way in bringing comfort and encouragement to people in these trying times.

You could be a hero to someone by offering to pray for that weary soul, whose only prayer now is for someone to encourage his battered spirit.

Right at this very moment, you, yes, YOU can be a hero to someone.

Photo Source:Jo Geneta-Adalia

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