Of Flat Tire And “Suddenlies” Of Life ?>

Of Flat Tire And “Suddenlies” Of Life

I was a few meters away from reaching EDSA from Estrella (just one corner after Rockwell) when a speeding L300 started honking his horn on me.

I stepped on the brake pedal and lowered down my window to see what the driver was saying. He said, “Flat ang gulong mo sa kanan”, the driver said, pointing at the back end tire.

Flat tireA flat tire just when I was in a hurry  to cover a game at the opening (on Aug. 1) of the Fiba-Asia men’s basketball tournament at the Mall of Asia Arena was the last thing I wanted to happen. But it happened anyway.

I prayed there won’t be any tow truck that would tow our Isuzu Crosswind, which I had to park at the side of the road as I started getting my tools.

And thank God, because a roving security of the Rockwell area was like heaven sent, helping me remove my flat tire and assisting me in putting my spare tire.

As I think of what happened during the morning, it made me realize that having a flat tire is definitely unannounced. It happens all of a sudden.

Life is full of “suddenlies”, too.

* A basketball team may be well ahead by 30 points entering the fourth period, only to find itself losing by one point at the end of the game.

* You may be happy today, but tomorrow, you’d reduced to tears because of a bad news that greets you.

* A person maybe healthy today, but later or tomorrow, he might be sick, or worse, even die because of an accident or stroke.

“Suddenlies.” Life is full of them.

We can’t accurately prepare for all the “suddenlies” of life, but we can take heed of what Moses said in a song he wrote in Psalm 90:12 (The Message) that says, “Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well!”

The key to “prepared” living in a life full of “suddenlies” is by learning to live wisely, making the most of every minute God has given us.

And the Only One who could teach us the proper way to live is God Himself.

How are you doing when facing the “suddenlies” of life?

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