NBA Preview: West Side Story (2nd of 2 Parts) ?>

NBA Preview: West Side Story (2nd of 2 Parts)

While Boston, Cleveland and Orlando are all expected to flex their muscles and make their presence felt in the East, the West is as talented and as ultra-competitive as ever.


The Los Angeles Lakers remain the prohibitive favorites in the West, what with an intact core of veterans and youngsters that bludgeoned the Orlando Magic in the Finals on the way to capturing their 15th league title in the process.

However, the focus of attention isn’t going to be just for the Lakers considering that the Spurs made some off-season moves that brought strength and more talent back to the Texas land in the hope of figuring prominently again in the West.

But then, there remains several Western Conference clubs that have made significant improvements during the off season, hoping to create some noise and figure well come Playoff time.

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