Musings from a soon-to-be 41-year-old dad ?>

Musings from a soon-to-be 41-year-old dad

As I turn 41 in 4 months’ time, I realize that yes, I’m now facing a new season in my life.

Just over the weekend, Ava and I took our 3 kids (Bea, 11, David 9 and Niquee turning 5) to Nasugbu, Batangas for a much, much needed getaway after my 2 boys (and my wife) got sick (having to adjust to the dust caused by a construction site just adjacent to our new house.)

dad-bea-niqueeIt seemed just a few years ago when I carried my only daughter Bea and my 2 boys at my arms every morning as they wake up, and when I put them to sleep early evening after telling them Bible stories.

These days, I hear a bunch of stories and ideas from my kids, ranging from Bea’s numerous short stories and what she read from the novels, to David’s science-related “discoveries” (though they were actually what he read from the science books we bought for him); and then Niquee’s own fascination with Transformers character Bumble Bee.

Everyday, each of my kids wanted to have a piece of me as they share their thoughts, their dreams and what they want think and observe from their surrounding.

Here’s one realization I had as I read my Bible and pray one time: Change is inevitable. Given that they won’t be kids forever, everyday offers a golden opportunity for me as a father to connect and yes, listen attentively to my kids as they share their hopes, dreams and desires for the future.

Noticeably, the entry point to Bea’s heart is time. For Bea, spending time with me as her dad makes her “love tank” full.

dad-david-niqueeFor David, it’s listening to his “science discoveries” and lots of toys (Transformers and sharks in particular).

And for Niquee, it’s taking him wherever I go if possible because for him, it’s all about listening to my kid’s stories and play time.

Dads, it’s understandable that we all have a host of things to do at work or business. It’s understandable that we have deadlines to beat, projects to complete and responsibilities to fulfill.

But the obvious thing is, we can’t delegate our responsibility to love, teach and raise up our kids to someone else.

So in whatever stage or season of parenting we are in, let’s enjoy our kids, connect with them and make them that we love and care for them.

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