Miracle At The Front-Row Seat ?>

Miracle At The Front-Row Seat

The blog below was written by my wife Ava, who had a “front-row seat” experience of what happened to our five-year-old son David just as they were about to take an afternoon nap on Thursday (April 25).

It was about 3 p.m. David fetched me from the living area to invite me to lie beside him while he takes a nap. Immediately, I agreed to grant his request, but only for a few minutes since I still had a number of chores to do.

I was supposed to leave around 4 pm with my three kids to meet up with their Daddy Richard at a nearby coffee shop because he promised to spend some special time with us.

After a few seconds, I saw David fall from the third step from the third floor down to the second floor (8 big steps!) He tumbled as if diving while somersaulting. In shock, I shouted, “David!! David!! Anong nangyari sayo,” while flying down the stairs to pick my crying son. His mouth filled with blood caused by the slightly ripped upper lip, he loudly cried, “Mommy!! Mommy!! Mommy!!

David at Medical cityI wanted to cry, but I decided to compose myself, so I could just carry and comfort him. We quickly dressed up and drove to the hospital to have him checked. I wanted to cry, but still my eyes didn’t give tears a chance. I drove frantically to the hospital with my friend badeth and my pacified son at the back. In my mind, I was praying then comforted my boy, then prayed again. I never remembered which came first. But all I knew is God was with us all along.

After minutes of finding the shortest route to the hospital, I suddenly drew back some strength that was so forced out  after the accident.

Then, the first doctor (resident) checked him. He seemed to be okay. Then, the second resident doctor gave him a pack of ice for his bleeding lips. Then, the third who happens to be a pediatrician came in.

And she gave us the most pleasantly shocking news! The worst thing she saw in my son David, was the slightly ripped upper lip. She even mentioned that it was a miracle that my son didn’t get a bruise, nor a hematoma, knowing he dove eight steps down.

X-ray results, later showed that David’s only setback was a slight misalignment on a cartilage in his neck, which doctors said, was not really serious. (We will bring the result to an ortho doctor for further examination.) 

We were shocked too. But really, deep inside, we were so thankful that God still answers fear-driven prayers. How did it happen?? This wasn’t the first time we heard of such stories.

But seeing it happen RIGHT BEFORE MY eyes is a different angle of that kind of story. David could have been in a far worse situation by now, but God just protected our son from further harm when he fell down the stairs.

Whew!! Yes! It was exhausting, but much, much more refreshing, that I can’t stop crying now, 10 hours after the incident. By the way, I started crying over this miracle only about 1 1/2 hours ago. My tears froze for some time in shock. :)

God is really good!! Even at times when we think bad things are happening, God still works good things for us. Even though we feel He has abandoned us, God works 24/7 behind the scenes to work everything out for our good.

I can’t help but be thankful!! Thank you Lord for your loving kindness!!

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