Making A Big Difference Amidst Typhoon Mario’s Wrath ?>

Making A Big Difference Amidst Typhoon Mario’s Wrath

Typhoon Mario’s day-long pounding of Metro Manila and its nearby provinces on Friday (Sept. 19) just shows our helplessness when nature flexes its “destructive muscle”.

Floating vehicles, waist-deep and and “lampas-tao” (man-sized) flood and people packing the evacuation centers are common sight during typhoon season in the Philippines.

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Rescue workers from different organizations join forces with the government as they work hand-in-hand in extending help to people who are directly hit by the typhoon.

As video footages of various news networks deliver the latest updates on typhoon Mario, the “bayanihan” spirit remains strong and alive in these trying times.

There are those, who, despite being directly affected by the flood, would still go out of their way to help other people.

Some carry heavy stuff to help the elderly, while others rescue kids from houses that are being threatened by the raging flood water.

Still, others share the meager relief goods they got from the evacuation center, just to be able to see their fellow typhoon victims enjoy a meal.

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In a season like this, it is encouraging to know that there are still Filipinos who play the role of “good Samaritans” to those, who have been severely devastated by the typhoon.

Some of us may be enjoying the safe confines of our houses. But in reality, we can also extend our help in various ways like praying for the typhoon victims, retweeting hotlines so people will be aware of what telephone numbers to call, sending an encouraging text message to someone directly affected, posting encouraging and positive posts or personally helping out in distributing goods to people.

You don’t have to have a position to make a difference in these trying times, because reality is, the “seemingly little act of kindness” you do to someone today, can actually make a huge emotional and spiritual difference in the long run.

Let’s all make a difference!

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