Life Lessons My Mom-In-Law Learned From A Dying “Senior” Friend ?>

Life Lessons My Mom-In-Law Learned From A Dying “Senior” Friend

A few days ago, my six-year-old son David asked me a question: “Dad, do cats have nine lives?”

I’ve heard that before, I thought, though I had to explain to him again, that cats, like humans, only have one life to live.

Yes, each person in this planet has only one life to live.

No wonder, even the Bible challenges us to “number our days carefully so we could make wise decisions everyday”, as found in Psalm 90:12.

The New Living Translation says, Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.”

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Brevity, means shortness of time.

As I think about shortness of our time here in earth, my mother-in-law, Cora, recently wrote a blog on the recent death of her friend and the life lessons she learned from that.  Below is her blog. I hope you’ll find inspiration and encouragement from it.

Life is given to us by the Giver. He has the right to take it anytime, anywhere.

And God  has His own reasons for doing so. You can’t tell when to stay or when to leave this world.

But I have a friend, who for a period of time, came face to face with death, but was brave enough to accept the fact that she is going to leave this world soon. And that, I consider as a blessing.

For though her days in this earth were numbered due to a specific ailment, she took the time to visit her friends and relatives.

In her remaining days, she gave hugs and kisses, ate and laughed with us and with her relatives, shared stories from “yester-years” – stories that recalled her fond memories and experiences during elementary and teenage days.

Indeed, those rare moments brought unexplained happiness in our “barkada”.

We also exchanging jokes, recalled our childhood “crushes” and tons of stories on “senior sickness” and herbal medicines.

Before passing away last July 19, 2014 to join her Creator, she was able to come back to the Philippines last April to share her last laughs, before finally bidding them goodbye. Till then dear friend.

Your last days on earth, inspired us all to enjoy life, trust God and have a good laugh, amidst the trials and sufferings that we encounter along the way.

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