Let Your Big Fist Do The Talking, Pacquiao! ?>

Let Your Big Fist Do The Talking, Pacquiao!

There certainly is a lot at stake when Manny Pacquiao goes for the win against Miguel Cotto, the reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight king and the pride of Puerto Rico this coming Sunday (Nov. 15, Manila time) at the plush MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

pacquiao-vs-cottoFor one, Pacquiao has never lost a boxing fight in the last four and a half years.

He has won big fights against Erik Morales, David Diaz, Marco Antonio Barrera, Oscar “Golden Boy” Dela Hoya and most recently, against Briton champion Ricky Hatton. And these are no pushover opponents. They were blockbuster opponents, whom Pacquiao pummeled like punching bags on top of the ring.

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