Lessons On My First Year At Spin.ph ?>

Lessons On My First Year At Spin.ph

August 13 officially marked my first year with Spin.ph under Summit Media.

spin.ph_mainIt’s been an exciting journey back to sports writing since serving as one of the campus missionaries and later on, as a local pastor of Victory U-Belt from 2002-2012.

Within that one-year period back to sportswriting, it’s pretty obvious that teamwork never grows out of style.

While senior staff writers like me at Spin.ph work out and try to come up with various enterprising stories, every action we take in news gathering involves some sort of collaboration as we try to bounce our ideas with one another.

Despite the fact that I’ve been a sports writer since 1997, the year I joined the Manila Times, I’m convinced that collaboration¬† and/or teamwork are the keys to successful and effective way of sports news reporting.

Similarly, as you work through your business, practice with your team, or work for a certain school project this week or this month, let’s be open to collaboration; opening our minds to new ideas; while surrounding yourself with people who will challenge and inspire you to be better and better.


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