Lebron James Leads The NBA “Philippine Invasion” 2013 ?>

Lebron James Leads The NBA “Philippine Invasion” 2013

I consider meeting and interviewing sports personalities as priceless opportunities and a big responsibility for me as a sportswriter.

When I was just a newbie sportswriter back in 1997, it was only a dream for me to be able to interview NBA players, who would hopefully visit the country.

There were no internet wi-fi connections back then, only fax machines and typewriters we use to file our sports articles.

But for me, those were the days where I learned from my mentors and editors, who helped me develop the attitude of hard work, while challenging myself to give my best every work day and writing well-verified and well-written sports articles.

LeBron-celebratesThis year, Filipino basketball fans have the opportunity to see some of the NBA’s superstars in the flesh in Manila.

With the NBA and a popular shoe company like Nike grabbing the opportunity to bring basketball players closer to the fans, Filipinos are set to see big-name stars like Lebron James, James Harden, Eric Gordon along with the Houston Rockets, now led by Dwight Howard and the Indiana Pacers (Roy Hibbert and Paul George) who will clash on October 10, dubbed NBA Global Games Philippines at the Mall of Asia Arena.

I sure am excited to meet and hopefully, interview these NBA stars – to try to know their thoughts, observe how they carry themselves in public and how they relate to the expected basketball-crazy Filipino fans.

I am no Miami Heat fan, but it sure is a rare opportunity to see and talk with Lebron James (on July 23 at the Mall of Asia Arena) and ask him various questions in the sport where he has excelled the last two years.

Since aside from being a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the 2008 Beijing 2012 London Games, James is a four-time NBA MVP, two-time Finals MVP, nine-time All-Star, two-time All-Star MVP and the principal figure in the Miami Heat’s successful back-to-back NBA titles last month.

James sure has his bashers, but one can’t deny the fact that the Heat superstar forward has arrived.

He has earned his spurs and has passed through the fire. His past NBA frustrations have served him well, preparing him for basketball greatness that could easily rival that of the legendary Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.


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