Learning From Jeremy Lin’s Faith ?>

Learning From Jeremy Lin’s Faith

By the time this blog comes out, the much-awaited, first-ever NBA Preseason game between the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers is just 103 days away.

And one of the players I’d like to interview in the scheduled October 10 Rockets-Pacers “NBA Global Game” at the Mall of Asia Arena is Rockets guard Jeremy Lin.

linThe 6’3″ Lin’s life is one that could inspire even ordinary people like us to believe for big things.

For one, Lin didn’t enter the NBA the way he expected it to be. No team actually selected him during the 2010 NBA Draft.

He tried out with the Golden State Warriors and eventually earned a contract. But he played sparingly, and was assigned a few times to play for the Warriors’ affiliate NBA D-League Reno Big Horns, where he worked hard to try to get a call-up in the NBA.

While things can be frustrating for a basketball athlete like him who isn’t necessarily blessed with height nor amazing talent, yet what makes Lin stand out was his Christian faith.

“If I play for God, if I play hard and if I try to give Him the glory, I’m OK. I need to learn to be OK with whatever happens and trust it’s part of God’s perfect plan,” Lin told Rachel Liu of Crossmap in an interview on June 6, 2013.

On February 2012, Lin got picked up by the Knicks from the waivers, but even then, Lin wasn’t sure if he’d be given the playing time he is hoping for.

Then New York coach Mike D’Antoni was perhaps desperate in that move, considering that the Knicks have lost 11 of their last 13 games before activating Lin.

The so-called gamble paid off because Lin had a breakout game against Deron Williams and the New Jersey Nets, finishing the game with 25 points, five rebounds and seven assists in a 99-92 win. The victory signalled the start of something refreshing for the once proud Knicks franchise as they went 7-0 with Lin in tow, giving birth to what has been widely known as “Lin-sanity”.

Life is certainly not a bed of roses.

Challenges abound from the moment we are born. Some people go through health challenges, others face financial challenges, while other people may be severely challenged by relational problems in the family. Some businessmen perhaps, face the unenviable test of looking for a way to overcome their huge debt.

No one wants to go through life in defeat, in misery and in frustration. But in all these, we can find strength in Jesus’ words in John 16:31 (The Message), “I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world.”

In Christ, you can experience solid security and lasting peace.

Photo Source: www.jeremylinsanity.tumblr.com

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