Just a thought when posting something at Facebook or Twitter ?>

Just a thought when posting something at Facebook or Twitter

11666102_10153336419097019_1296915175566681223_nPENANG – It used to be that the major sources of information come from print (newspapers and magazines), television and radio.

But in the advent of the Social Media Age, internet is now the way of life.

My ongoing coverage of PBA team Blackwater in the 2016 Penang Chief Minister Cup in this beautiful Malaysian state is just one example of how important internet is to my job as a sportswriter.

Gone are the days when we transmit our news stories via fax (facsimile). Today, everything is done through Facebook, updates on certain news are read by millions through Twitter, while the latest trends can be viewed via Youtube.

The information explosion is certainly unprecedented in the history of mankind because everyone could easily get a hold of the latest information by the click of a mouse or by typing from their keyboard.

However, one word of caution: the internet highway should always be coupled with responsibility. Why? Because freedom is not absolute.

Zig Ziglar

Yes, we can tweet, and yes we can post information and share our own views on certain issues. But lest we forget, everything we say and post these days are not just for our own private consumption because they are read and even viewed by our followers (numbering from the tens, hundreds or even thousands).

Personally, when my emotions are high over a specific person or issue, I have learned through the year to keep quiet for a moment and lift up whatever I feel to God before making my next step.

Because I know that if I leave myself unguarded, I could easily make a public rant at social media that, for a large part, won’t bring solution to the problem.

As well-known American author and world-renowned public speaker Zig Ziglar:

 “We play a role in the life of each person we touch. As a matter of fact, we may well hold the key to one’s future…Our actions and deeds affect other people, many of whom we will never know. That’s the reason our obligation and responsibility for doing the best we can with what we have goes beyond our own personal lives.”

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