Jio Jalalon and a dream fulfilled ?>

Jio Jalalon and a dream fulfilled

Jio Jalalon in the 2017 PBA All StarsYou can see from the eyes of Star rookie Jio Jalalon how happy he is to finally live the dream he’s had since he was a kid.

Coming from a simple family in Cagayan de Oro, Jalalon always had that big dream of making it to the big league.

Although he admitted “failing” during his first foray in Manila, just after helping Sacraed Heart win a championship in high school, Jalalon admitted using that to get better by working on his game and trust God as well.

Any player could feel the pain if a coach tells him, “sorry, you’re not good enough to make the team.”

And that’s what happened to him during his initial tryout at Arellano. So he toiled for 2 years at Informatics, playing at NAASCU, a collegiate league that pales in comparison to the country’s top leagues UAAP and NCAA.

A few years later, Jalalon got his biggest break when coach Koy Banal, as the Star rookie related, asked him to come back at Arellano. The rest is history.

Here’s Jio Jalalon’s short but inspiring message to kids out there, even those from the province, who dare to “dream big”.

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