We wake up daily in a world that is filled with negative news.

  • A junior college student was found dead at his dormitory room with a suicide note that left a brief message, “I can’t stand my parents’ constant quarreling. Goodbye cruel world!”.
  • A local television radio host reads a fresh update on the death of a seven-year-old girl, whose body was abandoned at a vacant lot, with an electric cord rolled around her neck.
  • Congressman “So-and-So” is in hot water for his alleged involvement in a multi-million peso project.

Negative news. It is part of our daily lives. 

No wonder, negative news has dominated people’s thinking, so much so that it has been leaving an indelible mark in people’s subconsciousness.

with BS iwrite boomarkAnd when these negative news grow from within us, we unknowingly develop the tendency to live it out as well.

When we get hurt, we vent our anger at social media, posting a status at Facebook and “unleashing our fury” against the person who offended us.

Since we also have a Twitter account, we start putting the initials of the person who offended us with the intention of letting the world know that he or she hurt us.

Bashing is also a common thing today at social media.

While this practice appears normal today, in reality, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, along with the influx of blog sites, are not necessarily created to be used that way.

That’s why we launched the seminar and workshop called iWRITE.

“I” stands for inspire – that is, inspiring people through writing positive things, with the goal of eventually seeing these very people write so they can also inspire others.



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