Iverson Doesn’t Have All “The ANswer” For Memphis ?>

Iverson Doesn’t Have All “The ANswer” For Memphis

Some of us pastors and administrative staff in Victory U-Belt recently joined the ESPN Victory NBA Fantasy League, where each person could function like a coach and general manager, at least in his own dream.

NBA-ALLSTAR/Well, since I couldn’t experience playing in the NBA, I figured to at least join ESPN’s NBA Fantasy League to be able to act like a coach to some of the world’ top-caliber players.

Anyway, I thought of writing this blog in response and to also make some comments on Memphis Grizzlies’ newly-acquired point guard Allen Iverson, who is getting into the limelight again of NBA news, not because of his scoring exploit, but because of his annoying and self-promoting attitude.

I do admire Iverson’s skills as an NBA athlete. Who wouldn’t?

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