Here’s why we’re voting for Miriam Defenso-Santiago ?>

Here’s why we’re voting for Miriam Defenso-Santiago

13087635_10153466445237019_4424801619538834212_nDown to the 2 most important days in our country’s history.

Over the past week, netizens read tons of information on social media regarding top presidential candidates Rodrigo Duterte and Mar Roxas.

Exposes and mud-slinging on different camps have been the prevailing theme in an effort to discredit the frontrunners in the election.

Every election season, candidates from different political positions shout one thing – change or pagbabago!

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We probably have heard enough of the prepared speeches, high-heaven promises (for some candidates) and daily election jingles.

May 9 is the moment of truth for our nation as we slowly transition from current Philippine president Noynoy Aquino to the next Chief Executive of the country.

Personally, after going through the issues besetting our country, my wife and I have decided to cast of our votes for Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

We know that she has been dealing with health issues the past few years.

Some would even tell us how obvious it was to see Defensor-Santiago struggle just to talk during recent national presidential debates.

But we believe in miracle and we believe in principle.

Why drop principle for the sake of health issues? This is rare nowadays.

Despite her health issues, we believe that God can intervene for her so she’ll be healed and be able to fulfill her political destiny.

Some may disagree with this, while others may say Defense-Santiago is way past her prime, but for us, we firmly believe she’s primed for the “big stage”, she is for the presidency, that’s why she’s our president. 

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