Has change really come? ?>

Has change really come?

habagatIt’s only been over two weeks since new Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte assumed his position.
It’s true, nothing has changed (I would say, yet) as far as traffic is concerned because everybody is still affected by the “bumper-to-bumper” scenes in Metro Manila’s main thoroughfares.
Some areas in the country are still experiencing knee or waist-deep flood in the recent typhoon. And yes, everyday, we get the daily news barrage on the death of suspected drug peddlers. Some people I talked to, tell me there seems to be “no change” at all under the new president who “promised to bring change” in our country.
Well, frankly, it’s hard to effect change when what people choose to see and post on social media are the negative things they see, and worse, when drivers tend to go back to the old habit of disrespecting the traffic rules and people throw their garbages in the streets.

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Change? Everybody wants to see change for the betterment of our country, but lest we forget, every Filipino has a stake in this. Whether you voted for President Duterte last May 9 or not, we as Filipino,  have to be involved in our own small ways.

If you have a candy wrapper and you can’t find the nearest trash bin, have the self-control to put it at your pocket first.  Then, just throw your small trash when you see a garbage bin later.
If you’re driving and you see the traffic sign flashes “red”, don’t step on the gas and proceed your way; if the traffic sign says, “no U-turn”, just simply follow the rule and not try to “U-turn” anyway.
When we decide  to chip in and develop strong ownership in our country, then, step by step, little by little, could we see that real change has come.

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