Grow, Learn Non-Stop Just Like James Harden ?>

Grow, Learn Non-Stop Just Like James Harden

Looking at James Harden, I am pretty sure he’ll be one of the NBA’s greatest athletes to ever play the game by the time he retires.

I was looking at his stats for the 2013 NBA season earlier, and boy, he’s certainly done a lot at such a short period of time in the NBA.

Harden with sportsscribesAside from being the 2012 NBA Sixth Man of the Year, his averages in all categories rose to career-best levels from points (25.9 ppg.), rebounds (4.9 rpg.) assists (5.8 apg), steals (1.8), minutes (38.3 mpg) and free throw shooting percentage (85.1 percent).

He also showcased his best offensive game for the 2013 season against his former team, the Oklahom City Thunder, whom he torched for a career-high 46 points on the way to leading the Rockets to a come-from-behind 122-119 win.

Entering in just his fifth season this year since being drafted fifth overall by the Thunder in 2009, Harden will find plenty of help this coming season with the entry of All-Star center Dwight Howard, who recently joined the Rockets after a turbulent one-year of stay with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Despite what he accomplished this past season, Harden said he’s not resting on his laurels, but continues to refine his game because of his desire to not just be a good player but a champion athlete.

“I have a lot to improve on because I’m still young.  I’m working on with different players to help me be better for next year,”Harden said.Every single day, there’s a single different aspect I have to improve on.”

We all can learn from what Harden just said.

Growth never stops.

Just because you earned your degree in college, you’ll stop learning. Because the moment we stop learning, we stop growing.

We have to keep growing, keep progressing in life, and stay hungry.

As the late Steve Jobs once told the Batch 2005 graduates of Stanford University, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Whether you’re a parent, a husband, a call center agent, a doctor, a nurse, an engineer, whatever profession you are in, let’s keep learning, for that’s how we will grow – read books, talk to our parents, find mentors, even learn from our colleagues.

That way, we could serve as an inspiration to the next generation after us, to our kids, to the people who look up to us.

James, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’ll see you again on 10-10-13 in the NBA Global Games Philippines

Photo Courtesy of Waylon Galvez

One thought on “Grow, Learn Non-Stop Just Like James Harden

  1. It is not just about growth that we can learn from Jame’s Harden’s words. His humility is also very obvious. He sees himself not as the the best player there is, but as someone who still has a space for improvement, just like a sponge that’s ready to absorb great things learned from experience.

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