Gossip: An Insight From My 12-year-old Niece ?>

Gossip: An Insight From My 12-year-old Niece

Gossips. We hear that all the time.

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Check out the latest news from your favorite online website or newspaper, and you’d read articles and news stories on a celebrity, whose life is being “feasted” on by papparazzis and common people.

Gotquestions.com says a gossip can be distinguished in at least two ways – Intent, where gossipers have the tendency to “tear someone down with their words”, while in turn, try to “make themselves look good”.

At the same time, gossipers try to spread “bad stuff on someone else’s life” without their knowledge or approval.

Oftentimes, we think that gossip is just relegated to the “more popular people” like athletes, actors and actresses or even politicians, but wait till you hear this short, but insightful blog from my 12-year-old niece Abigail.

After reading, let’s pause for a moment and check if we’ve gossiped over someone’s life lately. If yes, this would be a perfect time to come to God, ask for forgiveness and let Him help us “tame our tongue” so that the next time around, we’d be able to honor Him in the way we speak.


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