Ginebra’s PBA Title Drought – Seven Years And Counting ?>

Ginebra’s PBA Title Drought – Seven Years And Counting

Greg Slaughter will be out for another 2 to 3 weeks due to a chip bone on his right foot.

Ginebra’s ongoing struggles, plus the absence of injured big boys Greg Slaughter and Japeth Aguilar in the PBA Governors Cup has placed the team in danger of extending its championship drought this season.

This is not to say Ginebra’s exit is imminent since the Kings still have seven games to go in their elimination round schedule.

But obviously, Ginebra will have to find ways and start winning, starting with its game against Rain or Shine on Thursday in Dubai.

Social media has been abuzz with everything that’s happening on Ginebra.

Ginebra 2014
Ginebra’s last PBA championship happened in the 2008 Fiesta.

In fact, everything we’ve written at about Ginebra elicited a lot of discussion, both positive and negative.

I’ve never been a Ginebra fan since my grade school days (been a loyal Presto/ Great Taste fan till its disbandment at the end of the 1992 season), but one thing that separates this team from the rest is its ‘never-say-die’ spirit.

The NSD spirit, which began during then playing coach Sonny Jaworski’s watch in the mid-1980s, has been successfully passed on from one generation of Ginebra players to the other.

My very first taste of watching Ginebra display its never-say-die spirit (live by the way) happened in 1997, when I was still a greenhorn sportswriter for the Manila Times.

Ginebra was still carrying the brand name Gordon’s Gin, with Chris King, the sweet-shooting, cold-blooded import, managing to embrace the never-say-die spirit in such a short period of time.

With King providing the offense inside and outside, while Pido Jarencio, Vince Hizon, Marlou Aquino and Bal David providing the solid local support, Gordon’s Gin annexed the franchise’s fourth PBA title with its 4-2 Finals conquest of Alaska.

I couldn’t remember the exact score in Game 6, but what I know was King played through with an injury, inspiring the local crew of Jaworski and bringing so much joy to its legion of fans at the end of the title series.

Today, Ginebra fans wonder how long they will have to wait before witnessing another “championship coronation” for their favorite team.

With the way management has been shaking the team’s roster, as well as the revolving door in the head coaching post, I personally think it will take a while before everybody in the team settles down.

Chemistry will always play a vital role in any team sport. Ginebra is no exception.

Until management decides to put a stop to the roster movement and coaching change, Ginebra fans will have to wait a little longer before seeing their favorite PBA ball club celebrate another championship.

And by the way, Ginebra’s PBA title drought is now seven years, and counting.

One thought on “Ginebra’s PBA Title Drought – Seven Years And Counting

  1. More on Chris King’s never-say-die attitude and Gordon’s Gin’s 1997 Commisioner’s Cup title:

    Chris King got his hamstring pulled at the end of the second quarter in Game 2. The injury was so bad that he had to sit out in the second half until the final minute when he asked Coach Jaworski to field him in. Hanging on with a slim margin, King unleashed a triple that sealed the game and gave Gordon’s Gin a commanding 2-0 series lead.

    In Game 3, Terry Saldaña filled-in for Chris King who has yet to recover from the injury. Still limping, King played in the latter part of the game providing great defense and still making his presence felt on mismatches. This time, it was Pido Jarencio who drained the game-winning triple as Gordon’s stretches their series lead 3-0.

    Gordon’s lost both Game 4 and 5 with Chris King playing through pain. Come Game 6, King seems to have fully recovered leading Gordon’s to the title with a blowout win against Alaska.

    As a full-bloodied Ginebra fan since I was 9, I already knew that Gordon’s will win the championship when Chris King nailed that dagger three in the closing seconds of Game 2.

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